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Wat is ving tsun kung fu?: Welkom


Form 1 - Siu Lim Tao

This form contains all Ving Tsun movements and is the basis for all other forms.

Form 2 - Chum Kiu

A combination of moves, turns, kicks, and steps and aims to defeat the enemy with simple and simple movements.

Form 3 - Biu Gee

You learn this form to escape seemingly helpless situations. This form includes fighting strategies with which you can protect yourself against multiple enemies

Wat is ving tsun kung fu?: Over


Chi Sao - Cultivating the punch

Parallel to the second form, each student starts with Chi Sao training. It is a special sensation training that trains power, reflexes, speed and determination to develop direct and precise responses.

Wat is ving tsun kung fu?: Over


Although in most Ving Tsun, weapons are usually only practiced within the forms, we place more emphasis on this. The main reason for this is, because it helps developing better footwork and strength.

Muk Yan Jong - The wood dummy form

Another important part of the Ving Tsun system focuses on the topic: how to correct bad and conflicting positions. Timing, step technique and also simultaneity of defense and attack are improved.

Luk Dim Bun Gwan - The long pole form

The dragon pole or long pole is an approximately 3 meter long pole cut from the correct wood to be hard yet flexible.

Baat Jaam Dou - The knife form

The pair of blades used is roughly the length of an adult's forearm and it is predominantly blunt, and only sharp at the top the blade. Another characteristic feature of the knife is the metal knuckle guard that can be used both offensive and defensive.

Wat is ving tsun kung fu?: Over
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